Top Five Tips!


Moorpark homes provide a lot more value for the money than other local areas. However, even taking that into consideration, you can still price a home too high for the market. Even in the most challenging markets, pricing your home right will allow you to have less market time and will often result in multiple offer situations and sometimes a bidding war. In order to price your home right, you need a professional that is well versed in the local market, an agent that is following the trends of the market and can price your home accordingly – in order to price your Moorpark home right and get it sold, who else would you call but Glenn Dormer, aka Mr. Moorpark?

#2 – GIVE YOUR HOME CURB APPEAL – The Moorpark community is a well planned community with many Home Owners Associations throughout various neighborhoods which keeps homeowners “in check” when it comes to what people see from the outside. However, even though an association may maintain certain parts of your front yard, your home can still have poor curb appeal. Making sure you have fresh paint, have made necessary repairs and have made your house inviting by planting fresh flowers in entry ways, etc. are just a few of the ways you can insure that people will want to purchase your home the minute they pull up to your house. Mr. Moorpark and his team, work tirelessly to insure their client’s homes have as much curb appeal as possible and they have an infinite amount of resources from painters to cleaners to help make that happen. This is another great reason to call Mr. Moorpark when considering the sale of your Moorpark home.

#3 – STAGE IT – Some Moorpark residents have been members of this great community for a very long time and with that comes an accumulation of lots of stuff. Although some of these items may be treasures to the homeowner, it can often cause the home to look cluttered. Sometimes it is necessary to put some of those tried and true treasures away until the sale of your home is complete. Mr. Moorpark and his team’s goal is to showcase the floor plan of a home and maximize the use of space, whether that be by taking out certain pieces of furniture or just rearranging it. Another important aspect of this process is to “take the home out of your house” in other words, depersonalize your home so that potential buyers can imagine themselves living there instead of just your family. Mr. Moorpark’s team has received expert training in this area and have a keen eye to do what it takes to get make your home look its very best.

#4 – CLEAN IT UP, LIGHT IT UP AND ALWAYS BE READY TO SHOW – Most Moorpark homes offer buyers exactly what they are looking for; great floor plans, newer construction and a light and bright feel. However, depending on a homeowner’s décor, it can still sometimes give a darker appearance and feel which buyers do not like. This is where Mr. Moorpark and his team come in and can advise you on ways to maximize the look and brightness of your home to make it more cheery and sellable. Mr. Moorpark and his team can also provide you with resources to get it spick and span from the crown molding to the baseboards. Even emptying out some of your closets that may be filled to the brim to make them look roomier, this is an excellent strategy because buyers do open those closet and cabinet doors!

#5 – HIRE A MOORPARK PROFESSIONAL – Moorpark is one of the best communities to live, work and play. It is a very family oriented community filled with schools and parks and it is one of the safest communities in Southern California. Glenn has been a resident of Moorpark since the 1980’s and Glenn and Wendy have lived here together since 1999, and there is a reason they focus so much of their time and energy on doing business in this town, because bottom line is, they love this town! Glenn and his team take great pride in assisting Moorpark families, whether they are coming to this great community or whether it is time for them to move on to their next chapter somewhere else. Glenn and his team have a proven track record in Moorpark real estate and also give back to this great town through organizations such as the Moorpark Rotary and the Boys and Girls Club. Glenn and his team take their jobs very seriously and provide their clients with 110% through their expert advice and guidance in the real estate process. They know that the biggest asset someone has is their home. Please feel free to fill out the contact information on this page to get in touch with Glenn and Wendy about their services – as Moorpark’s Community Realtors – they are ready to assist you!